Tigler SC Series Storage Gateway

Central Management of heterogeneous storage for your ever-growing data

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Tigler SC Series Storage Gateway

Central Management of heterogeneous storage for your ever-growing data

Tigler SC Series is an industry leading high per- formance storage virtualization appliance. Pow- ered by our signature software OSNSolution, an open system, standards-based suite of tools, Tigler SC Series forms a virtualization layer across heterogeneous storage systems to achieve higher availability, comprehensive data protec- tion and better disk resources utilization non-dis- ruptively.

By investing Tigler SC Series, business will have a consolidated, reliable, and extensible storage ecosystem. This helps to lower total cost of own- ership while making the company more agile and responsive to evolving needs of business.



  • Non-disruptive Data Migration

    Unique TPM technology allows the live migration of storage systems and data movement with no down- time for the business application or service disruption for end users.

  • Unified Storage Management

    The unified storage management made managing and provisioning heterogeneous storages an other- wise cumbersome and disruptive process extremely easy. Virtual capacity aggregates physical storage and breaks the barrier of physi- cal capacity. Auto provisioning capacity lets users serve up large logi- cal disk volumes dynamically to meet their needs. Tigler SC enables on-demand capacity expansion without downtime and dramatically improves efficiency on data storage as high as 3 times.

  • Zero Business Interruption

    Tigler's high availability design and solu- tion eliminate the single point of failure gracefully and ensures zero business interruption.

  • Open-system and Standards-based Implementation

    Supports IP-SAN and FC-SAN, Disk Arrays, SAN Switches and HBAs from mainstream vendors.

  • Enable Flexible and Rapid Deployment

    Tigler's virtualization layer provides unmatched flexibility and cost reductions in ongoing opera- tions, whether it’ s hardware upgrade to introduce new equipment, replace legacy storage devices or add an existing SAN device. This flexibility combined with the smart deployment wizard included in Tigler's installation package reduces the maintenance cost by up to 50%.

  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery with flexible configuration

    Tigler's Disaster Recovery features include a wide variety of configurations and different data replication methods to meet your data center disaster planning requirement and improve your data center resilien- cy.

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    Typical Cases

    1、Aging disk drives unable to expand capacity, lengthy and high risk migration with downtime to move the data and redirect drive assignments.

    2、 Core business applications running on one physical hard- ware, any equipment failure or maintenance window will cause business interruption.

    3、Lack of Disaster Recovery protection for critical business applications, making the data center vulnerable to unexpect- ed events like power outage, accidents and disasters.

    Tigler SC Series Solutions

    ■Tigler SC's Virtual Storage solution allows you to refresh storage hardware in the background without taking down applications, copy data of a disk to its pand capacity without disturbing the host storage systems.

    ■Tigler SC Series offers non-stop storage access through synchro- nous mirroring and auto failover. Having two nodes store the data simultaneously eliminates single points of failure or disruption. Should any failure be encountered the automatic failover kicks in without disrupting applications.

    ■Tigler SC's cost effective Disaster Recovery solution allows you to leverage potentially different devices for redundancy. The dual active pool feature takes over operations without interruption when either half of the storage infrastruc-ture is taken out of service or encountered a failure.



    SC10000 Series
    SC8400 Series
    SC8200 Series
    Surface shape

    System cache
    iSCSI port-1Gb/s
    iSCSI port-10Gb/s
    FC port-8Gb/s
    Power Supply & Cooling Fan

    10U Rack
    128GB,up to 12TB
    16,up to 160
    Hot-plug Redundant

    4U Rack
    64GB,up to 6TB
    6,up to 32
    Hot-plug Redundant

    2U Rack
    32GB,up to 1.5TB
    6,up to 16
    Hot-plug Redundant


    Server Hypervisor
    Disk Array

    Support Windows Server、Linux、AIX、Solaris、HP-UX ,etc.
    Support VMware、Microsoft Hyper-V、KVM、Xen
    Support disk array based on FC、iSCSI、SAS、InfiniBand, etc.

    Function Module

    Storage Virtuliazation

    Storage On Demand

    High Availability

    LUN Mirror






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