A Foundation for intelligent storage virtualization and data protection

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A Foundation for intelligent storage virtualization and data protection

OSNSolution is an industry leading storage virtualization and data protection platform built on open storage network. The very core of this software is based on data virtualization technology that enables a consolidated, centrally-man- aged layer over different models and brands of storage equipment. OSNSolution provides virtual disks on demand, supports different data replication methods, and effectively creating storage tiers with different performance characteristics to meet the varied needs of customer business applications.

With the rise of cloud computing and big data, OSNSolution will build a stable and extensible private cloud storage foundation for your enterprise. This solution enables a highly flexible, effective and secure storage solution to maximize your short and long term return on storage investments.



  • Satisfy diverse customer needs

    SANServer enables to federate heterogeneous storage that makes storage scale-up much easier even if the same storage devices have stopped production. That takes full advantage of the existing storage and prot

  • Flagship storage management platform

    As our flagship product, OSNSolution includes all features of the signature product such as SANServer and ClusterSafe to provide you a smart comprehensive open storage management platform. Modu- larized features within OSNSolution can also target your specific need on storage virtualization, high availability storage solution and disaster recovery.

  • Unmatched interoperability and compatibility

    OSNSolution can be deployed independently or leveraged with your existing IT systems to provide a virtual storage management plat- form. It is compatible with all mainstream storage manufacturers and host operating systems.

  • Certified and recognized from trusted sources

    OSNSolution is widely recognized and recommended by customers and top tier consulting firms such as Gartner and CCID. With the rise of cloud computing, the capabilities of OSNSolution become even more crucial when building robust, scalable cloud storage infrastruc- ture.

  • Dedication on technology advancement

    OSNSolution is a show case of InfoCore’ s vision and technolo- gy-centric focus. Started as a new frontier technology of data stor- age, OSNSolution continuously defines the path for software-de- fined storage virtualization platform and raises the bar for the entire industry in China with the proprietary intellectual property rights.

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  • Federate Dispersed Storage Resources

    Through the transparent virtualization layer across diverse storage devices, OSNSolution can overcome device-specific differences, manage storage device of any model or brand, and maximize the availability and utilization of idle disk resources. The integration with IP-SAN and FC-SAN are seamless for the increased storage resources control and investment protection.

  • On-demand Provisioning

    OSNSolution allocates virtual disks on demand according to the capacity needs of each workload. This lets users serve up large logical disk volumes dynamically from the physical disk pool.

  • Non-Disruptive Data Migration

    OSNSolution supports “Non-Disruptive Data Migration” feature. This allows the live migration of storage systems and data movement with no downtime for the business applica- tion or service disruption for end users.

  • Metro HA

    OSNSolution provides Metro HA feature. When the local data center is taken out of service due to unexpected events like power outage, fire and other accidents, Metro HA feature powered disaster recovery center can take over oper- ations without interruption.

  • High Availability Storage Access

    OSNSolution offers non-stop storage access through syn- chronous mirroring to provide continuous availability. Should any failure be encountered the automatic failover kicks in without disrupting applications.

  • Transparent Volume Migration

    OSNSolution offers Transparent Volume Migration (TVM) feature. This comes in handy during hardware upgrade because you can replace storage devices in the background while applications continue to run uninterrupted.

  • Continuous Data Protection

    Combined with Streamer, OSNSolution offers CDP feature which automatically captures point-in-time images without taking explicit backups. It’ s an undo button to quickly roll back data modifications caused by error or virus that had negative consequences on your business.

  • Platform-level Remote Disaster Tolerance

    Combined with Streamer, OSNSolution can build a plat- form-level remote disaster tolerance system. By complement of Metro HA, it implements high-reliable Geo and Metro data centers.

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    Host Support

    Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 32bit/64bit
    Server 2003R2 Enterprise SP2 32bit/64bit
    Server 2008 Enterprise SP2 32bit/64bit
    Server 2008R2 Enterprise SP1 64bit
    Server 2012R2 Datacenter 64bit
    Redhat Enterprise 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x
    SUSE Enterprise 10/11 SP2
    VMware ESX/ESXi
    Citrix XenServer
    Hyper-v Server
    11 iv1/iv2/iv3

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