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Storage Resource Management Solution

Adopting InfoCore Storage Resource Management Solution (namely SRM) tears down the barriers among multi-vendor storage devices, so that storage systems, which may be heterogeneous in nature, can be managed uniformly. This leads to tremendously increase management efficiency and storage resource utilization, and meanwhile decrease operating cost of data center.

Heterogeneous storage

A wide variety of protocol connectivity is supported. This enables connectivity over IP/Ethernet, iSCSI, and Fiber Channel SAN environments. Additionally, multiple storage devices are supported, which protects existing investment on storage and hereby to improve investment efficiency.

Live take-over

With the unique technology TPM, there is no need to suspend business when realizing the process of storage take-over and data migration.

Centralized management

By using centralized management component, multi-level storage can be federated easily, so the storage performance required by each different application system will be satisfied appropriately.

Automatic Storage Tiering

Pooling all storage devices with different performance, the solution enables to move hot data into high-performance storage devices, and vice versa. This helps to realize high efficient information lifecycle management.

Multiple fault-tolerance

Multiple fault-tolerance mechanism keeps data non-disruptive to dramatically improve system reliability.

Smooth expansion

InfoCore Storage Resource Management Solution gives you great agility to extend existing infrastructure without considering the restriction of hosts or storage devices.

Cons of Traditional Architecture

Traditional storage resource allocation is too straightforward to achieve high efficiency in present complicated application environment.
Storage devices in traditional SAN environment are managed independently, which causes data in each “information isolated island” cannot be shared, required, queried, and analyzed easily. Traditional system establishment is one-off, which means once established, the hardware system can hardly be extended and updated. Therefore, the cost of long-term management and maintenance is huge.

Pros of InfoCore Virtualization Architecture

InfoCore Storage Resource Management Solution is deployed into storage system via a storage gateway, which breaks through the limitation of traditional architecture.

Capacity Advancing

On-demand Provisioning

SRM allocates virtual disks on demand according to the capacity needs of each workload. This lets users serve up large logical disk volumes dynamically from the physical disk pool.

Heterogeneous Storage Federation

InfoCore Storage Virtualization supports almost all brand and type of storage devices and enables to gather them into a storage pool. In the backend, types of interface such as FC, iSCSI, SAS, IB, PCIe are supported, types of disk such as FC, SAS, SATA, SSD are supported. In the frontend, standard SAN protocols such as FC and iSCSI are supported. Using Heterogeneous Storage Federation helps to manage across a set of storage devices much easier and tremendously reduce the complexity and cost of independent management and maintenance of each storage device.

Data Live Migration

InfoCore Storage Virtualization supports transparent embedding and taking over existing storage devices. After deployment, existing storage capacity scales up or adding new infrastructure will never interrupt application system’s continuous running. Moreover, application system redeployment and data migration across devices can be done online.

New type independent architecture

Deployment of InfoCore storage gateway where storage virtualization implements, won’t change existing application system architecture. That helps to extend application system agilely and therefore enable to achieve sustainable management for evolving needs of business.

Information Lifecycle Management

Based on Automatic Storage Tiering, hot data will be moved agilely which guarantees the storage performance and meanwhile realizes high efficient ILM. When integrated with multi-tier data protection mechanism, InfoCore storage virtualization solution achieves StorageHA, CDP, MetroHA and DR to construct high reliable datacenters.

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