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Instant Recovery Solution

InfoCore Instant Recovery Solution adopts industry-leading block-level CDP, which never intervenes in application system but protects everything in storage system. By using block-level underlying replication, sophisticate file type and system complexity won’t cause trouble for data backup, which easily removes the bottleneck brought by traditional backup technique. InfoCore Instant Recovery Solution enormously improve backup efficiency and meanwhile realizes important features such as on-time validation of CDP point, instant system recovery and so on.

Quick Deployment

There is no need to adjust any host application system or database configuration in the process of deployment.

Lower occupation

Block-level variation and dynamic index technology make the occupation of CDP incremental data much lower than traditional backup technique.

Integration protection

Everything on storage such as application, database, file and operating system will be protected so as to ensure whole system can be fully recovered.

Flexible recovery

Multiple methods of recovery can satisfy traditional way of data recovery and provide many new instant recovery and quick emergency mechanisms.

All-compassing protection

Physical machine and virtual machine are both supported to back up and restore system, so that the problem caused by unexpected hardware failure, human error, environmental disaster, etc. can be solved easily.

Emergency Take-over

With built-in KVM module, back-end server enables to create a virtual machine to take over current business once front-end hosts crash.

Instant verification

All historical points of backup data can be mounted to be verified at any time.

Challenge of data protection in the new era of cloud

Traditional file-level backup technologies are faced with huge challenge that the data volume and application complexity are rapidly increasing, and types of structured and unstructured data vary tremendously.

Challenge of RPO: It is hard to hold high-efficiency and low-risk concurrently

Traditional backup technologies adopt periodical backup strategy, which leads to a dilemma that increasing backup density will reduce front-end host performance, but decreasing backup density will raise the risk of data loss.

Challenge of backup verification: It is hard to predict the verification of backup

Due to the data compression, change of data format, etc., data consistency and completeness are hard to be verified. Only when recovery is done, data can be verified. However, once backup verification is proven badly, data loss cannot be undone.

Challenge of RTP: It is hard to ensure the recovery speed

Traditional recovery mechanism needs to rebuild environment and import backup data, which is a huge and time-consuming workload. Nowadays, the huge rise of complexity of system and application results in the time-consuming environment rebuilding so the high RTO is hard to be ensured.

InfoCore instant recovery solution tackles the conundrum

Taking InfoCore customized hardware “Data Ark” as backup server can easily tackle the conundrums that are listed above.

Solve the challenge of RPO

InfoCore “Data Ark” collects the change of data stream at a bypass, and records all changes at continuous history points where the data at any point can be recovered. Those continuous points are much denser than periodical backup points produced by traditional backup technology. Once new data is generated, the data is protected immediately. The process of protecting data is not required to pause IO or copy and paste new data, so there is no negative influence on read or write performance of system.

Solve the challenge of backup verification

All backup and recovery operations bases on block-level, so the file-level property and format does not affect backup and recovery. Besides, block-level backup enables to list all changes of data as history points. All those points occupy small storage space and can be mounted and verified at any time.

Solve the challenge of RTO

Adopting block-level variation and dynamic index technology realizes massive data recovered in seconds. Installing InfoCore client agent on server can mirror server to InfoCore “Data Ark” in real time. If server crashes, mirror in InfoCore “Data Ark” can be started and take over the business immediately to maintain the business continuity. After the server fixed, all can be mirrored back to the server.

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