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MetroHA Solution

InfoCore 2+1 MetroHA Solution deploys two storage gateways in production data center to significantly improve the reliability of storage gateway. When failure occurs to production data center, storage devices automatically takes failover strategy to switch to disaster recovery data center in metropolitan area. Moreover, InfoCore 2+1 MetroHA Solution supports heterogeneous storage, and has perfect compatibility with Oracle RAC and VMware HA.

Ensure business continuity

Whether single storage, storage gateway, or site-level failure occurs, you can still access to storage seamlessly, which guarantees business continuity.

Active-Active data centers

Oracle RAC, VMware HA across data centers are supported. There is no additional configuration required.

Reliable data consistency

Data is written into two data centers simultaneously to ensure data in two data centers is exactly consistent.

Effectively avoid Brain-Split

Triple redundant fault-tolerance that is FC heartbeat, IP heartbeat, and IPMI is applied to avoid Brain-Split and ensure data consistency.

2+1 schema

It gains high reliability and safety to deploy two storage gateway in production data center and one storage gateway in disaster recovery data center. Automatic switch between two data centers will be activated if any data center encounters breakdown.

Agile deployment

Storage gateway can seamlessly embed into existing SAN storage network to take over existing storage without touching any configuration.

Multi-protocols supported

Multiple SAN protocols, device interfaces, and heterogeneous storage are supported which protects existing investment on storage devices and improves investment efficiency.

2+1 MetroHA: Disaster recovery at multiple geographically separate sites

Perfect upgrade for HA

MetroHA is a perfect upgrade for HA, which enables production data center and disaster recovery data center both provide services for users. This tremendously improves the business’s ability of avoiding fatal failure.
Unlike other company’s solution that deploying two storage gateways in separate data centers, InfoCore 2+1 MetroHA solution deploys two storage gateways in production data center which eliminates the risk of single point of failure. Meanwhile it deploys one storage gateway in disaster recovery data center to eliminate the risk of site-level failure.

Multiple security mechanism

2+1 MetroHA Solution achieves failover by detecting FC heartbeat, IP heartbeat, IPMI and mediation node at third site. Those security mechanisms can avoid Brain-Split effectively that any storage device or storage gateway failure do not affect business continuity.

Highly extensive disaster recovery architecture

2+1 MetroHA supports to extend disaster recovery architecture to multiple sites. If deploying InfoCore CDP in production data center and another site, InfoCore CDP enables to back up data to another site. This creates a more reliable disaster recovery solution that data is mirrored triply and stored in three geographically separate sites.

Easy management with WEB

2+1 MetroHA uses WEB management that can manage local and remote data center together. This reduces the complication of management and improves the management efficiency.

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