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Multi-level Remote Disaster Recovery Solution

With the boost of informatization construction, the proportion of information assets in the business system center has shown an obvious trend of expansion. Traditional backup system has been unable to meet the gradually increasing demand for information security, and the establishment of an efficient and effective disaster recovery mechanism has become an essential part of information management.
InfoCore Remote Disaster Recovery Platform is designed to integrate different levels of disaster recovery protection schemes, and comprehensively protect the security of information systems, which reduces the losses caused by system failures and enhances the ability of the system to withstand disasters.

Multi-level protection

By applying multiple data protection mechanisms such as deploying CDP at local, creating mirrors in another city-wide data center, using remote replication, etc., different requirements of multi-level disaster recovery can be fully satisfied.

Remote disaster recovery at multiple sites

One-to-one and many-to-one are supported for different users’ needs to reduce the cost of disaster recovery. (One-to-one mode is replicating data from one data center to another disaster recovery data center, and many-to-one mode is replicating data from many data centers to another disaster recovery data center)

Business continuity

Combine CDP and StorageHA technologies to avoid physical and logical storage failure, which guarantee the business continuity.

Low overhead at bandwidth

Asynchronous incremental replication mechanism and data compression reduces the bandwidth pressure and keeps the performance of application systems.

Data protection and flexible recovery

All history points of backup data are online which can be restored instantly.

Agile deployment

Independence of hosts and storage, and fast bypass deployment that protects existing investment and reduces cost of information construction.

All-compassing protection with three DR technologies

Continuous data protection

Use CDP technology to record all data changes in real-time where all data changes will be recorded as online history points and able to be recovered.
Use underlying block-level replication to evade file type and complexity of application system which achieves real-time protection and instant recovery.

Storage HA protection

InfoCore StorageHA and MetroHA supports to construct local or remote disaster recovery to realize automatic failover among storage devices and eliminate single point of failure. By that, the high availability of storage system is ensured.

Remote disaster recovery protection

InfoCore Remote Disaster Recovery Protection supports remote replication based on IP. Asynchronous incremental data replication reduces the bandwidth pressure, meanwhile data compression and encryption ensures the transmission performance and security.
The process of remote replication will be done between two InfoCore “Data Ark” in two separate data centers, without affecting front-end application system. Moreover, InfoCore “Data Ark” can work with InfoCore storage gateway to realize storage HA and remote disaster recovery.
By constructing remote disaster recovery, when unplanned outage occurs to production data center, remote data center will immediately take over business to realize unnoticeable downtime. After production data center fixed, all new generated data can be replicated back from remote data center to realize site-level comprehensive disaster recovery protection.

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