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Cloud Migration

InfoCore Cloud Migration Solution is a service especially designed for the enterprises who hopes to migrate their existing business to cloud. By adopting InfoCore Cloud Migration Solution, existing business of enterprises can be moved to cloud seamlessly and instantly, and all data keeps consistently.


  • Total access

    Bases on many years of management experiences in cloud computing, InfoCore offers professional consultation, research, planning, etc., for enterprises’ migration to cloud. Besides, InfoCore can provide different plan of cloud migration for different enterprises.

  • Whole migration

    InfoCore Cloud Migration supports to migrate all data, operating system, and application to public cloud seamlessly, so there is no need to take time to rebuild business environment.

    Adopting InfoCore Cloud Migration, only a few steps can migrate whole business system to public cloud.

  • Security and reliability

    InfoCore Cloud Migration takes bypass embedding solution that can keep business on when migration is in process and provide perfect system rollback mechanism.

    As the result of InfoCore’s own R&D, InfoCore CDP and Instant Recovery technologies can guarantee the recovery of data in the process of migration.

  • Cloud DR

    Combined with InfoCore “CDP Appliance”, data in cloud can be replicated to any place. If unplanned cloud outage occurs, business can be restarted in another place and business continuity is kept.


  • Security and reliability

    Data transmission security is guaranteed by RSA asymmetric cryptographic algorithm.

    Data transmission supports multi-IP load-balance and breakpoint transmission, which reduces the bandwidth pressure and evades the data consistency problem caused by pocket loss in data transmission.

    The built-in high availability of public cloud adding DR technologies provided by InfoCore makes your business continuity more reliable.

  • Efficiency and convenience

    It only takes few minutes to deploy Streamer Cloud.

    Resilient host specification and bandwidth results in high resource utilization rate.

    If internet is reached, data backup and recovery is not restricted geographically.

  • Multi-protection

    One-to-many: InfoCore Streamer Cloud supports to protect dozens of cloud hosts.

    Block-level CDP: Operating system, application and data all can be protected in real time.

    Data in cloud can be replicated to local data center for the sake of Instant Recovery.

    Business can be restored in 5mins by Local Emergency Take-over or P2V Instant Recovery.

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